What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching provides support for you to take authentic action, in the present, based on who you are (your Core Values). Counseling brings awareness/insights to the past to bring healing. Life Coaching is movement oriented and action based and allows you to see that you are greater than your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and opinions. Counseling reconciles the past by letting go of “stuff.” Deep Roots Consulting helps you along your journey of self-discovery to find what has meaning in your life and what you are here to contribute.

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Our Services

Deep Roots Consulting offers a wide range of services for individuals and organizations to improve knowledge, connect to resources, and create a strategic plan for overall success. We pride ourselves on addressing the needs of each individual and organization through interactive life coaching and consulting designed to educate and motivate.

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There is no reason to wait to change your life...because there is no risk! Sign up for a no-obligation, 30-minute complimentary consultation by filling out the form on the “Contact Us” page and we 'll get in touch with you to schedule a convenient time to meet.

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We Help People Live and Thrive.

Welcome to Deep Roots Consulting! We provide life coaching, consulting, facilitation, and training to individuals and organizations worldwide. We are committed to responding to clients' needs by cultivating conversations that lead to strategic development. We create an environment to get to the root of an issue, help the individual or organization to determine their overall goals and objectives, and develop a plan of action to ensure accomplishment. As a company, our aim is to add amazing value to individuals or organizations by providing services that help you: DIG, CULTIVATE & GROW. We believe that with the right focus and direction, Success is inevitable.

Root Principles

• Inform others of the need for awareness around mental health and the need to support those in crisis. • Eliminate any barriers to accessing quality education for all students. • Cultivate everyone’s chance to reach their highest potential by helping them to dig deeper within themselves.

Our Consulting Services

We are committed to providing life and system changing resources that are sustainable and innovative to positively impact the entire community. We provide a wide range of services that are designed to support your organization’s growth from start to finish. Our consulting services include: Mental Health and Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification Training, Education Services, and Organizational Development.

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“Shannon Taitt is an exceptionally bright, perceptive executive who was a pleasure to work with on the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame’s Legacy Lecture
Series. Her creativity and productivity was noticed by all who engaged in contact with her.” - Thomas W. Dortch, III - Program Coordinator, National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc.

"If you are looking for keen insight for yourself or organization, Shannon Taitt is your woman. Her education, experience and genuine concern for the well-being of her clients are hard to beat."
Terri Andres, Founder and President of Your Best Self

"Shannon is SOOO Awesome! I would recommend her to anyone needing a coach, mentor or friend!" - Erial Ramsey

"The training I received from Shannon on Mental Health First Aid was timely and much needed." - HBCU Participant

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the meeting last night. I truly enjoyed it! I really feel refreshed! Feel like my list is tangible and there is someone else besides me, who will follow up to make sure I stay on track! - T.P.

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