What We Do

Deep Roots Consulting offers a wide range of services for individuals and organizations to improve knowledge, connect to resources, and create a strategic plan for overall success. We pride ourselves on addressing the needs of each individual and organization through interactive life coaching and training designed to educate and motivate.

How We Do It

5 Step PlanOur life coaching services help you achieve success through our five-step coaching plan which focuses on digging deeper:

Direction… For life decisions, career, or calling based on what is
Dreams… Explore what could be and how to make it a reality
Discipline… Structure, organization, and accountability to plan for what should be
Design… How you are made – uniqueness, strengths, and values based on who you are
Development…Cultivating areas for growth and action for what will be

Each of us has the wisdom and power within us to make our life be what we want it to be, and view our life coaching relationship as an alliance and a partnership. Through this relationship, we are able to facilitate a process of inquiry — empowering our clients to connect with their inner wisdom, discover their own answers, make choices for themselves, and cultivate lasting change.

Through our consulting services, we provide a wide range of services designed to support your organization’s growth from start to finish. Deep Roots Consulting provides effective processes for organizations looking to strategically invest in their future to best position themselves for success.

We use a strength-based process with diverse groups and organizations to do strategic planning, team building, developing performance assessments, and feedback assessments. With our approach, organizations are able to develop new ways of working that are effective and inspired and do not rely on the analytic problem solving approaches of the past.

Specific programs such as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Youth Mental Health First Aid are designed to teach participants how to support someone developing signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in an emotional crisis.

Through our educational services,we address racial and ethnic barriers to student achievement and parent involvement by engaging diverse staff, parents, and students in dialogue and problem solving. These services develop cultural awareness and examine our own biases leading us towards the development and willingness to learn and be educated from a different point of view. Deep Roots Consulting is committed to addressing the need to reduce stigma, prejudice, and discrimination in mental health and education.

Our programs and services cultivate your ability to communicate and interact with people across cultures and circumstances and get to the root of celebrating our differences.