Core Values

Core values are the principles that are at the root of our deepest desires. Core values represent our motivations, our inspirations and our impulses.

Core ValuesThese personal values are the driving force for how we find contentment in life. Yet for some reason most people stray from their own core values. They blindly put their faith in aspects of their life that are not their true motivators, and as a result they are unable to achieve their dreams and visions. Since life coaching is all about reaching those goals and living abundantly, understanding our core values  and using them to inspire is an amazing tool.

 Why don’t people examine their core values?

There are many different theories about why most people refuse to discover and examine their own essential core life values. The most often cited reasons include:

  • Complacency – Self-reflection involves the willingness to commit to discovering those true motivators or essential core values and then changing because of them. Many people have grown comfortable with their cynicism in life and are unwilling to make the efforts to discover what their core values truly are in the interests of keeping their life mediocre and free of abundance. We often react to life situations instead of pro-actively choosing to discover ourselves.
  • Fear – Self-reflection on your core life values can be a frightening process. It involves examining yourself to discover the answers to the core questions about who you are and what your personal values and principles are. Self-reflection uncovers your principles and values. You are forced to take responsibility for your own behaviors.
  • Doubt – The cynicism that has taken over your life may have led to doubt in your own abilities, personal values, or core values. For your principles and values to be truly unlocked, you will need to have faith in yourself and what you can accomplish. This will allow for self-refection and the true unlocking of the essential core values of your life.
  • Other People’s Influence – This can be parents, siblings, friends, society etc. People influence us either intentionally or unintentionally.

Many people have excuses, objections, and/or apathy towards discovering their core values and principles. What you should realize is that when you refuse to take the time to do some self-reflection on core values, you are the one that is putting the road block between yourself and your laser focus on life. You are the one that is holding yourself back. If you allowed yourself to engage in self-reflection, you would find that your core values and principles are right there for you to discover. This can have a drastic change on your life.

In order to discover your core values and principles you need to let go of your fears and give yourself the energy to commit to self-reflection and making these revelations in your life. Finding, recognizing, and utilizing your core values has the potential to give you a laser focus on your path in life. It has the potential to give you not only clarity to discover your dreams, but also the mental and physical energy to reach all of your goals. 

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