What a Difference One Year Makes

What a Difference One Year Makes

I cannot believe the difference one year makes.  I have had a dream about becoming a life coach for several years.  As many of you know, life happens and you delay and delay your dreams until you can barely see them any longer.  I had one reason after another that seemed legitimate as to why it was not a good time to pursue life coaching.  I had too many things going on at home and at work and I didn’t get it done.

Well 2014 was different.  I was able to finally save enough money to take the life coach training with Valorie Burton and I became a certified life coach.  I learned things about business development that I never thought I would understand.  I incorporated my business and didn’t just buy cards from Vista Print and pretend that was all I needed to do.  I read, researched, and learned about business and made it my goal to implement good business practices.  I also stretched myself and with some assistance from my friend Erial Ramsey at Imperial 1002 and built my own website!  Most of you know that I am not tech savvy but I was determined to learn what I needed to learn to help my business flourish and to challenge myself to become familiar with new technology and social media that could help build my brand.

Deep Roots Consulting, LLC was born.  I have a steady number of clients, conducted many trainings and have been requested frequently to be a speaker for major events across the country.  I think one of my biggest accomplishments over the last year is that I became a published author!  I always envisioned that I would become an author but never laid out a strategy to get it done.  That is why I was so excited to become a part of the “Voices Movement” with my friend Marlon Smith. I am one of the authors in this book which includes a diverse group of 26 experts and leaders who represent five countries: Spain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States.

Each chapter is written from the space of possibilities. Some authors share real life epiphanies and wisdom from their own personal struggles and valley experiences. Others empower you with action-oriented solutions for transforming your life.  My chapter is titled “Get Unstuck” and will inspire you to start living the life you were destined to live.

I share this experience with you because I want you to know that whatever you dream for yourself can become a reality.  Last year, when I started my coaching business, I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to build an amazing brand that has literally reached so many with my coaching, training and speaking appearances.  Life gives us no guarantees when we work toward our goals. This all started from one tiny step.

I focused on what I love to do and I worked hard every day to learn more ways to help people by providing resources and information that help them not only to live but to thrive. Over the years, I’ve spent many nights wondering if I was on the right track.  You might be wondering the same thing about your dreams right now while reading this blog.  Things will work out if you stay the course and be open to change along the way.

There are a few things that I have done along my journey and I’d like to share them with you.  I believe that success is a formula and that if you follow the steps you can create similar or greater outcomes for yourself.  So for anyone who wants to know how I got to this point, I want to share a few strategies with you.  They are:

  • I have always paid for professional advice on how to make myself or my business better.  I have always invested in myself.  I hired my first coach for $100.00 per month over ten years ago, when I was still searching my purpose. I found the money to invest in myself and I cut back on things that were not necessary in order to afford the coaching service.
  • I associated with people who were my ambition level and above. I also identified people who have already accomplished what I wanted to do and I spent time with them.  That was hard at times.  It’s so easy to stay around people whom you love and make you comfortable but comfort does not create progress.   I focused on building relationships with people who elevated my vision and that made me more success minded.  I attended weekend, one day and daily training to get around people who were doing what I wanted to do.  Today I have so many new friends that came from these events.
  • Reading is fundamental. I read books that changed the way I looked at myself, others and the world.  It is important to get out of my own head to see things from other’s perspective so that I could be more open to what people had to offer.
  • I take at least one strategic action every day that will move my life or business forward.  I know how easy it is for me to get overwhelmed.  Every day I make sure that I take actions that can create change in my life.  This has prevented me from feeling overwhelmed about doing everything all at once.   Some days are better than others.  Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle in this area.  Even if you only take a micro-step, count it as a victory and set yourself up for success the next day.
  • I have more fun.  I work full time and have so many activities that I must shuffle children to and fro that I realize they have a better social calendar than I do.  Over the last year I have found ways to try new things like boot camp, girl’s night outings, or just taking a bath!!  How sad is it if you don’t have time to sit in the tub and relax?  We have to carve out time on our calendars for ourselves.  What is the point of reaching your goals if you don’t know how to have fun along the way?

Maybe something on my list inspired you to add to your list or if you don’t have a list maybe now you might create one.  I am so excited about this last year.  What have you accomplished in the last year that makes you proud of YOU?  Big or small, it’s time to celebrate!

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