“Life offers you a thousand chances; all you have to do is take one.” – Frances Mayes – Author, “Under the Tuscan Sun”

Life Coaching Services

Our method builds on developing an individual’s strengths and helps a person envision a preferred future that is based on their past positive experience. Individuals that are coached from a strength-based perspective find that they are energized and are able to mobilize untapped creativity and inspiration towards achieving their vision.  Life Coaching services include:

Consulting Services

Our services provide an effective process for organizations that are looking to engage in developing their strategic future. Organizational members quickly establish a vision that is grounded in their past successes and passions. We use a strength-based process with diverse groups and organizations to do strategic planning, team building, developing performance assessments, and feedback assessments. With our approach, organizations are able to develop new ways of working that are effective and inspired and do not rely on the analytic problem-solving approaches of the past.  Our services are:

Mental Health and Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification Training

Asian students

Organizational Development

Education Services

  • Education Equity Assessment
  • Action Planning
  • Staff Development
  • Cultural Competency

Our Coaching and Consulting services can be customized and delivered through:

  • Keynotes
  • Conference Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Voice Over

We have a wide range of topics to fit any size audience and any time frame.  Please contact us to further discuss your needs and our offerings in this regard.  Simply call 202-643-7335 or email: for more information.