“We are not meant to be perfect; only God is perfect.  We are meant to be whole.  You can never be whole if you are trying to be perfect.” – Jane Fonda

What is Life Coaching?

Life CoachingLife Coaching is not the same as counseling.  It provides support for you to take authentic action, in the present, based on who you are (your Core Values). Alternatively, counseling helps bring awareness and gain insight to the past to bring healing.

Life Coaching is movement-oriented and action-based allowing you to see that you are greater than your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and opinions. Counseling reconciles the past by letting go of “stuff.” Deep Roots Consulting helps you along your journey of self-discovery to find what has meaning in your life and what you are here to contribute.


5 Step PlanOur life coaching services  help you achieve success through our five-step coaching plan which focuses on digging deeper:

Direction… for life decisions, career, or calling based on what is
Dreams… Explore what could be and how to make it a reality
Discipline… Structure, organization, and accountability to plan for what should be
Design… How you are made – uniqueness, strengths, and values based on who you are
Development…Cultivating areas for growth and action for what will be

Each of us has the wisdom and power within us to make our life be what we want it to be, and view our coaching relationship as an alliance and a partnership. Through this relationship, we are able to facilitate a process of inquiry – empowering our clients to connect with their inner wisdom, discover their own answers, make choices for themselves, and cultivate lasting change.

Are you…

1. Dissatisfied with some aspect of your life?

2. Feeling like you are not living up to your fullest potential?

3. Going through a life transition that is difficult to manage?

4. Wondering how to prepare your child for academic or career success?

5. Living pay check to pay check unable to make ends meet?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions means that Deep Roots Consulting can help you on the road to transforming your life!

Benefits of Life Coachinghappy-black-woman

• Developing overall strengths and abilities

• Honing in on specific skills and ambitions

• Refocusing life goals

• Improving relationships with friends, spouse, children, parents, co-workers or boss

• Overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of achieving those goals

What do You Get from a Life Coaching Session with Deep Roots Consulting?

  • One-on-One introductory/exploratory consultation
  • 45-minute confidential sessions
  • Goal setting and clarity
  • Regular motivation and encouragement
  • Finding Peace strategies applicable to your personal journey
  • Accountability and tracking
  • Unlimited email access during the coaching term

Deep Roots Consulting helps you to develop, grow, and discover how to overcome any obstacles that you might be facing. We will help you understand the root of these challenges and realize your potential.  The opportunity for progression will naturally follow – and with progression, you’ll experience feelings of accomplishment and of peace.

Life Coaching Services Offered:

  • Parent and Young Adult Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Grief and Loss Coaching
  • Financial Coaching

So… Who are you? What is important to you? What are your challenges? What gets in your way? Where do you want to go? How would you feel if your life were just exactly the way you wanted it to be?

If you’re ready to begin your life coaching sessions, click here to set up your FREE initial consultation.