Parent and Young Adult Coaching

Family“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it’s that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marrianne Williamson

Parent Coaching

Deep Roots Consulting offers parents a unique coaching opportunity that is both exploratory and solution-focused, giving parents an enriching experience of self-discovery together with effective day-to-day tools and creative solutions. The process is engaging, energizing and empowering!

Individual, Couples, and Group coaching formats are available. We also offer unique education opportunities on various parenting topics via both on-site seminars and by-phone, making parent education even more accessible to parents who are short on time!

Benefits of Parent Coaching

– New ways to look at habits that keep parents stuck

– Strategies to be more present for their children

– To help children take charge of their emotions in order to help boost their esteem

– How to advocate more successfully within their educational system when there is behavioral or mental health challenges

Young Adult Coaching

Young-black-womenDo you know a young adult who is struggling in some way?

• Maybe they chose to quit college and are in search of a non-linear path

• Perhaps they have leadership qualities and are not quite sure how to apply them

• Maybe they feel like they’re in trouble or they need to figure out a better way of accomplishing their goals or just doing life.

• Maybe they face making a tough or life-changing decision

• Or, maybe they’re continually fighting with their parents

Young adult coaching, as opposed to therapy, can be all the young adult may need to move forward quickly and easily.

Deep RootsCons approach to coaching young adults is a bit like what is used in athletics or business. We looks at each person’s situation and helps them figure out effective strategies and tactics, and gives them time to apply their own unique strengths and talents in a way that fits them best. With the right questions and resources, We help the individual break down the situation or decision-making into manageable and implementable steps, no different than managing a project.

Hispanic and Indian-StudentsAt this stage in life, relationships are often complex. We help both the parents and the young adult to develop a better communications model that works.  Families can spend happier times together because the young adult is able to make decisions to move forward.

For the young adult, whether college age or older, we help them redefine what it means to be a responsible adult.

Our young adult coaching clients are often highly talented or creative in some way, whether they are artists, athletes, engineers, scientists, or perhaps they’re just not clear about their next steps or career path. They may be frustrated, bored, unhappy, dissatisfied or unfocused. Or perhaps they just need to get a job to pay the rent.

There are simple and fast ways to work with an individual which allow the young adult to move forward on their own. And a terrific benefit of young adult coaching is that it can also help to reduce the anxiety that is often associated with the life-changing decisions that need to be made during this critical life stage:

• Young adults want to make a difference for their families and for the communities around them.

• A traditional route in college, business or life doesn’t work for everyone.

• There could be non-traditional path that is a better fit and gives them the freedom to explore many different interests, perhaps simultaneously.

Don’t let this frustration continue when effective, fast and simple coaching with Deep Roots Consulting can be the answer.  Move forward faster with Parent or Young Adult Coaching by clicking here or calling 202-643-7335 today to set up your FREE initial consultation.

Young adult coaching sessions, with or without parents or family members as part of the process, are available in person or by phone.