Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Okay, yes, I know it’s March 1st but it’s been awhile.  Did you miss me?  Well, I missed you.  I’ve been working really hard on writing my book which I plan to finish, publish, and launch this year.  It’s a lot to get done but that is a big goal for me and one that I have pushed off and pushed off so now is the time.  What have you been up to so far this year?

I know many people that started the beginning of the year with fasting or starting a new diet.  Are you still just as committed today as you were on January 1st?  Are you getting more sleep?  Watching less TV?  Spending less money?  Whatever it is, many of us have already forgotten about the promises that we made to ourselves just two short months ago.  What happened to that commitment?  Are you kicking yourself again for starting that gym membership and haven’t gone since January 31st?

What happens to us?  Are we that bad at committing to a task that we so desperately wanted to do this year?  What are you letting side track you and we haven’t made it to the end of the first quarter of the year?  Maybe your overall goals are exactly what is side tracking you.  If you said you want to lose weight, save money, or take a vacation, what action steps have you put in place to actually make these things happen?  The things we want to do must be concrete enough for us to do them.

I live and die by my calendar.  If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist.  Can you relate?  Maybe some of you are more spontaneous.  Going with the flow can be great if you aren’t so concerned about your destination.  If you really have some goals you want to achieve this year then you must have some strategies in place to guarantee greater success.

I started writing again because finishing my book and my mother’s book are priorities for me.  I had to employ the Pomodoro Method to my writing.  This method helps me schedule time on my calendar to write, set a timer for my writing and put it away when time is up.  It is sad that I have to play these games with myself but that’s how I get things done.  Do you have a strategy that works for you?  I hope that you can finish this first quarter of the year setting clearer priorities for all the things you want to accomplish in 2016.  Take time each week to check in with your goals to plan for the next week.

Look for me to check in with you now that I’m back writing and blogging.  If you need help creating a clear plan for your home, work, kids, or finances, contact me at: Shannon@deeprootsconsultingllc.com and visit my website at www.deeproots.consulting for more information on the importance of coaching to helping you achieve your goals.

I would love to help you in any way I can to make it a Happy New Year!

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